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It is a goal of the IEI to conduct research focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship, and the drivers of competitive success and to the extent possible involve graduate and undergraduate students. Articles achieving this goal published during the RECENT academic year are listed below.

 Phelps C., Heidl R., and Wadhwa A. “Knowledge, networks, and knowledge networks: A Review and Research Agenda.” Journal of Management 8. 4 (Jul 2012): 1115-1166. 

 Calantone, Roger J,; Di Benedetto, C. Anthony. “The Role of Lean Launch Execution and Launch Timing on New Product Performance.” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 40. 4 (Jul 2012): 526-538.

 Evanschitzky, Heiner; Eisend, Martin; Calantone, Roger J; Jiang, Yuanyuan. “Success Factors of Product Innovation: An Updated Meta-Analysis.” The Journal of Product Innovation Management, suppl. Supplement 129 (Dec 2012): 21.

Rubera, Gaia; Droge, Cornelia. “Technology versus Design Innovation’s Effects on Sales and Tobin’s Q: The Moderating Role of Branding Strategy .” The Journal of Product Innovation Management 30. 3(May 2013): 448. 



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