Graduate Business Plan Competition

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  KEY DATES                             PRIZES

 Registration Opens: 10/1       1st  $5,000.00

Entries Due              11/13     2nd  $2,500.00

Finals & Ceremony    11/23      3rd $1,000.00


Why You Should Participate!!


The Broad Business Plan Competition gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to conceive, develop, and executive an innovative solution to some identified market opportunity. These are skills valued in corporate environments, and critical to entrepreneurial pursuits.

Those pursuing corporate careers must realize that more and more employers recognize the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset. A recent article is quoted as saying, students who have an entrepreneurial mindset are accountable for their own actions, aggressive and know how to execute. They also have the communication and sales skills that are necessary to be successful in business today. Smart companies fully understand that if they don’t innovate, they won’t exist in the future. By recruiting young entrepreneurs, they bring new perspectives and youthful ideas into the workplace”. A business plan competition often allows students to demonstrate the ability to recognize opportunities, solve problems creatively, and develop execution details better than the typical case analysis.

Those wishing to become entrepreneurs will find the experience and feedback and invaluable first step in reaching venture creation goals. The comments of a recent business plan participant shares this perspective.

“I can say with certainty that business plan competitions are worth pursuing, possible to do while completing an MBA, and potentially life-changing.”

“Business plan competitions provide a number of benefits, but I would say the most valuable were the confidence that came with competing, the publicity that the win generated, and most important, the pressure-testing that came from the judging panels. The win allowed us to get meetings with quite a few investors and the preparation meant that we were confident walking into those VC board rooms and taking the onslaught of questions they threw at us. In the end, I would say you are doing yourself a great disservice by not participating in at least one competition during your time in school. Good luck with the adventure!”

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