Demmer Center for Business Transformation

The John and Marnie Demmer Center for Business Transformation was recently established by a significant gift to assist Michigan manufacturing businesses transform into lean, agile global competitors, increasing their presence and profitability in domestic as well as global markets, and opening the doors to new employment opportunities for Michigan workers.

Transformation is a process of significant change that orients an organization in a new direction and takes it to a higher level of effectiveness.  This is different from the typical “turnaround” or training approach that emphasizes incremental progress within the same configuration, process, and structure of the organization. The Demmer Center will make available a broad range of faculty expertise and methods to facilitate the transformation process for companies that address both macro and micro aspects of transformation.

Strategic planning, process mapping, lean flow, quality management, supply chain design, and performance measurement are just some of the tools and techniques that will be provided by Demmer Center faculty members and student teams.  The Demmer family’s gift creates an endowment to provide funding for faculty members and students to work with companies and for educational grants to smaller companies to enable them to participate in executive education programs that will be offered by the center. 

“We had been using consultants help from all over the country assisting us in our business transformation.  As our relationship with the MSU Broad College of Business grew we found that everything we needed was right in our own back yard.” said Bill Demmer.  “We are so pleased to be able to give back and participate in marshaling the tremendous resources of MSU to transform other Michigan businesses.”